Midwest (Naperville, IL) MTSS/RTI Conference November 5th and 6th 2018



MTSS and Diversity: Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Based Practices for One and All!

We have confirmed that we will be doing follow up to our recent 2-Day MTSS Conference we held in May, 2018. We hosted 400 educators from across the Midwest, with most from the Chicago area. Our waiting list was over 100.

We delivered content that was found useful by practitioners at the early and more advanced stages of MTSS implementation. Feedback was positive and people wanted "more," given that no single person could attend all sessions. Furthermore, we had a waiting list of more than 100! Therefore, our group has decided to offer another 2-day professional development opportunity in Naperville.

Most of our May Keynotes that targeted components of successful MTSS implementation will be offered again, but as Break Out sessions. This way, educators looking to get better at key components and/or refine their current practices can get their needs met. Previous attendees may also go to sessions they missed the first time.

Most importantly, we will be offering Keynotes AND Breakouts on topics that typically are NOT standard MTSS training content:

Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Based Practices in MTSS

Knowledge of trauma impact is not enough unless it is paired with evidence-based practices that can address the social-emotional and educational impact of trauma. Learn about these practices from Dr. Clayton Cook.

MTSS In Diverse Communities, From Teams to English Learners 

In too many MTSS professional development activities, the importance of socio-economic, cultural, and lingustic diversity gets left behind or treated as an exception to implementation. We believe that these topics need explicit attention. Learn about issues of diversity, including teams and teaming, and interventions for high risk males from Drs. Alisia Moutrey and Ramel Smith. Learn about effective practices for EL from Drs. Scott Baker and Doris Luft Baker.

Law and Lore

Legal compliance is often cited as a barrier to MTSS implementation, whether in providing more intensive general education intervention, special education eligibility, 504 plans, behavior supports, and special education practices.Learn about these practices from our nation's leading special education law authority, Dr. Perry Zirkel.

These nationally recognized experts and other members of our group will bring practices that are scientifically sound, yet practical to your implementation efforts. Dr. Nancy Marchand Martella will again present on research-based K-12 literacy curriculum and instruction, including how to strengthen the core (Tier 1 curriculum). Dr. Mark R. Shinn will present on secondary MTSS and data-based decision making. Drs. W. Alan Coulter and Kim Gibbons will present strategies to improve MTSS implementation, based on their years of experience helping school districts engage in best practices.

Join us by Registering and making Payment Arrangements at dbcconferences.com. 

Attendance is limited  and we expect to fill all available spaces within 45 days of initial announcement.

Due to space limitations, we will cap attendance at 350. Register early. We filled space for 400 within 30 dates of notification.