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A MTSS "Virtual Mega-Conference!"
May 7th and May 14th

Dates are SET for our COMBINED presenters from New Orleans and Columbus, Ohio (and MORE!).

In the year plus, since we started planning our 2020 conferences, the world has shifted and a lot of attention has drifted from needed school improvements to school SAFETY from a health perspective. At our our personal levels, we have suffered COVID losses, treatment for chronic diseases, and (painfully for me,) the consequences of SHINGLES! I apologize for lengthy delays in planning and communication, but I'm only now trying to "get back into the saddle."

This conference focusses on practical, but research-based MTSS practices that make a difference, especially to meet the needs of ALL students. In the context of social justice, schools, teachers, and students must work together to create safe and nurturing environments that are driven by behavioral science. Conference speakers are nationally recognized for their efforts to promote positive outcomes for all students, but especially for those at risk for school failure, whether by poor academic or social emotional or behavioral performance.

Dates and Times

May 7th and May 14th, from 9 AM to 4 PM Central Time


We will be using a virtual platform called Floor (https://floor.bz) that will provide much, much more than a simple Zoom meeting. Attendees will have a dedicated APP that allows them access to just about everything, from all presentation materials, links to key sources of information, and detailed information about our Sponsors.

1. ALL sessions will be recorded, instead of having to select breakouts, attendees will have access to ALL the conference content.
2. Attendees will be able to participate LIVE or at a later, more convenient time for up to 30 days past the second conference date.
3. Currently registered attendees will have access to the Conference for ANY member of their school district. Basically a site license!
4. For new attendees, we will maintain the price of $350 but it is a single "ticket."


All our presenters from both conferences have committed to contribute and we are in the process of adding more. We hope to have a brochure completed by no later than April 9th. Think:

Louisa Moats, Clay Cook, W. Alan Coulter, Jeff Sprague, Kevin Feldman, Jack Fletcher, Kim Gibbons, Amanda VanderHayden, Michelle Shinn, Mark Shinn, and maybe more.


* Fundamentals and Beyond for MTSS Implementation Success, Especially in a Context of Social Justice and Equity
* The Importance of Core Instruction Aligned to the Science of Reading (SOR)
* Building Nurturing School and Classroom Environments Sensitive to Trauma
* The Role of Principals in Making MTSS Happen
* MTSS Data-Based Decision Making
* What We Know About Identification and Treatment of Reading Difficulties, Including Dyslexia
* Powerful Core and Remedial Math Intervention
* MTSS at the Secondary Level
* Practical and Proactive MTSS Screening
* Goal Setting and "Simple" Progress Monitoring
* Fundamentals of High Quality Instruction and "Getting Good" at a Few Important Practices
* The Alignment of Special Education to MTSS and Making Special Education More "Special"

And Ideally More!

We hope you understand the challenges COVID has presented to our group in the past year. We are not an organization with "deep pockets"--we really have no pockets at all and COVID and personal and family health issues havereally required us to dive deep into our capacity to meet your needs.

THANKS for hanging in there with us. Please keep checking this site for more frequent updates.


For more information, contact mark@dbcconferences.com or Mark at (847) 275-7200


For more information, contact mark@dbcconferences.com or Mark at (847) 275-7200