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We are all experiencing continuous, if not increasing disruption in our educational practices, including professional learning. ALL educators are, first and foremost, occupied in sustaining environments that promote learning and keep students and teachers safe.

Given the current status of the COVID growth curve, it remains inadvisable to deliver our onsite conferences as we have for the past 5 years. However, we ARE in the process of planning a MEGA-MTSS Virtual Conference, ideally for January 2020.

We are looking for a virtual platform that goes beyond a simple "zoom meeting," given we are all likely Zoomed out! Our potential platform will go beyond what many of our have experienced in the past few months. What we WILL ASSURE YOU

1. We will organize a set of presenters who are the best at what they do like our other conferences.
2. Because all sessions will be recorded, instead of having to select breakouts, attendees will have access to ALL the conference content.
3. You will be able to participate LIVE or at a later, more convenient time.
4. Currently registered attendees will have access to the Conference for ANY member of their school district.
5. We will be working on a mechanism to make future participants eager to attend this conference.

We hope you understand the challenges COVID has presented to our group. We are not an organization with "deep pockets"--we really have no pockets at all and COVID has really required us to dive deep into our capacity to meet your needs. THANKS for hanging in there with us. Please keep checking this site for more frequent updates.

For more information, contact mark@dbcconferences.com or Mark at (847) 275-7200


For more information, contact mark@dbcconferences.com or Mark at (847) 275-7200