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Current DBC MTSS Conferences for 2019-2020

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Fawcett Center

Our MTSS Conference is Coming to California

October 17th and 18th, 2019

San Bernardino, California

Data-Based Conferences is collaborating with East Valley Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA) to bring state-of-the art, research-based and practical strategies to promote and improve your MTSS and RTI implementation. We have partnered with state departments of education and universities in Illinois, Ohio, Washington, Tennessee, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Indiana and are now coming to California.

Through a combination of whole group keynotes and smaller group break outs that participants choose to attend, our nationally recognized presenters offer a range of professional development experiences for schools that are very experienced with MTSS/RTI to those just getting started. Among the key topics will be the following:


Too many schools are confused about MTSS and RTI, seeing them as identical names for the same hooping jumping practices to "get students into special education." Learn key distinguishing features and practices vital to success from Drs. Mark R. Shinn and W. Alan Coulter.


Legal compliance is often cited as a barrier to MTSS implementation, whether in providing more intensive general education intervention, special education eligibility, 504 plans, behavior supports, and special education practices. Learn about relevant California and national law and regulation from our nation's leading special education law authority, Dr. Perry Zirkel. 


There is consensus in the research communities about "what works" to ensure students become successful readers, but there remains a large gap in practice. Learn about effective reading instruction across tiers and interventions from Dr. Nancy Marchand-Martella. 


In too many MTSS professional development activities, the importance of socio-economic, cultural, and linguistic diversity gets left behind or left out. In particular, preventive efforts to reduce risk for males of color are neglected. We believe that these topics need explicit attention. Learn about issues of diversity, including teams and teaming, and interventions for high risk males from Drs. Alisia Moutrey and Ramel Smith.

Our other nationally recognized experts will bring professional development on MTSS practices that are scientifically sound, AND  PRACTICAL to support your implementation efforts, including:

* Behavior support strategies to improve school climate

* Simple and scientifically sound basic skills screening for early intervention and to determine when disability may be suspected

* Progress monitoring across Tiers and programs

* Secondary MTSS

* Supporting high quality and high fidelity implementation.

Join us by going to the Pull Down Menu entitled Purchasing Conference Attendance to Register and make Payment Arrangements. For more detailed information, go to the CALIFORNIA MTSS conference page.

Attendance is limited and we expect to fill all available spaces within 45 days of initial announcement.

Registration will open July 1, 2019

Due to space limitations, we will cap attendance at 300. 

Our MTSS 6th Annual Conference in New Orleans

April 2nd and 3rd, 2020

New Orleans, Louisiana

We are working on fleshing out our content for our 6th New Orleans conference as we continue with our themes of bringing something new as well as something old to ensure we can meet the needs of early and advanced implementers.

This year's conference will include Dr. Jeff Sprague, Professor of Special Education and Director of the internationally recognized University of Oregon Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior (IVDB).

Dr. Sprague's keynote will be entitled A Tale of Three Tiers: Lessons learned about Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and What We Need to Know Next

He also will be doing breakouts on Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Implementing and Managing Alternatives to Suspension.

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We Are Returning to Columbus, Ohio April 28th and 29th, 2020

April 28th and 29th, 2020

Based on the success of last year's MTSS conference that was held at The Ohio State University Fawcett Center, we have been asked to return to support further local, state, and regional implementation efforts. As we begin to plan our content, be assured that we will be providing keynotes and breakouts on MTSS implementation that are research-based AND practical.


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